Welcome to the MIRACL Trust documentation

MIRACL Trust is a user authentication service which completely replaces the typical password-based authentication which is normally used when accessing online services, so removes your largest cyber-security risk, and streamlines your user experience to increase customer satisfaction.

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  1. The Developer Documentation will take you through how to use our web and mobile SDKs to present your website / mobile app users with a login button which authenticates users with our MFA authentication server.

  2. The End User Guide documents how customers can then use the login button to access configured services, with a simple pin-pad either in-browser or in our mobile app.

  3. The SSO (Single Sign-On) Documentation includes instructions for use of three distinct products:
    • MIRACL Trust SSO SAML makes use of the SAML protocol to enable companies to give their users the convenience of one login to multiple apps and websites
    • MIRACL Trust ADFS plugin enables you to use the MIRACL Trust authentication platform as a third-party MFA authentication provider for Microsoft's Active Directory Federation Service, which is an Identity Provider which administers Single Sign-On for supporting client applications (e.g. Office365)
    • MIRACL Trust RADIUS enables issuing of One Time Passwords which can be used for access to e.g. VPN networks